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Free Feature Story Feed for Your Website

In just a few minutes, you can add an automated story feed to your website, featuring fresh lifestyle stories. Provide users with "news you can use" that updates dynamically and regularly, while providing you with more advertising opportunities. And all content is accessible on your site with no redirects!

A StatePoint Media feed will help keep your users coming back to your website to spend more time on it. The stories in our feeds are timely and relevant, focusing on such topics as health alerts, family and parenting issues, home and garden tips, education updates and much more.

What You Get

  • 'Headline Widget'
  • 'Article Viewer'
  • Ability to Choose Number of Headlines in Widget
  • Customizable Widget Name and Fonts
  • Customizable Colors
  • Installs Quickly With Easy-To-Insert Code We Provide

Headline Widget

The Headline Widget displays story headlines. It takes up a small amount of space and installs anywhere on your website with one line of code. Story headlines are linked to the Article Viewer so visitors can easily click on a headline to view the full story.
Default Options and Style
Click any Headline to Open Story in Article Viewer

Article Viewer


The Article Viewer displays full text of stories and photos. When a visitor clicks on a headline in the Headline Widget, the story and photo are displayed in the Article Viewer.

The Article Viewer can be placed on a page in your website or configured to run as a pop-up. It installs with one line of code. If no story is being shown in it, the Article Viewer is invisible.

Default Options and Style