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Job Searching? Why the Insurance Industry May be the Path for You
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(StatePoint) Whether your career is just beginning or you’re looking to shift gears, the insurance industry may be the right place for you. The industry employs nearly 3 million people in the United States and depends on a diverse workforce from various professional backgrounds. However, experts say that persisting myths may prevent talented job seekers from exploring these careers.

4 Tips to Grow Cash Flow For Your Small Business
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(StatePoint) As every small business owner soon learns, growing sources of revenue and cash flow are key to survival, particularly during a venture’s first few years. While this is easier said than done, small businesses can focus on attracting new customers, building partnerships and scaling up sustainably to improve cash flow.

4 Ways to Get Involved This Global Volunteer Month
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(StatePoint) Global Volunteer Month, celebrated throughout April, is a time to recognize people who actively support their communities through volunteerism and active civic engagement. It’s also a time to get in on the action. However, if you’re like many people, you may not know where to begin.

Does Your Business Qualify for the ERC Federal Assistance Program?
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(StatePoint) The strength of the country relies on its estimated 33.2 million small businesses, which comprise 99.9 percent of all American businesses. COVID threatened, and in some cases forced, the closure of many small enterprises and tens of thousands are still reeling from the aftermath of the full pandemic.

New Year, New Tech: Top 5 Upgrades You Need in 2023
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(Statepoint) 2023 is off to a roaring start, and according to a recent YouGov poll, 37% of Americans have set a goal to accomplish this year. Whether you made a resolution or not this year, upgrading your tech can help you be more productive. Here are several ways to refresh and update the tech in your life this year.

Tips for Nurses Struggling With Their Mental Health
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(StatePoint) While the worst of the pandemic is behind us, if you’re a nurse, you know its effects live on. Ongoing staffing shortages spurred by pandemic-related layoffs and resignations have created conditions in many healthcare settings that are untenable for workers, inspiring nurses in some areas of the country to go on strike.