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How Breakfast is Enjoyed Around the World
169 words

(SPM Wire) What do words like cereal, eggs, toast and pancakes bring to mind? Ask anyone adhering to a standard American diet, and they would readily reply: “Breakfast, of course!” But this is simply a result of longtime habit aided by some clever marketing.

Tailgating 101: Recipes for Success
453 words

(StatePoint) Before the action and drama on the field comes the action in the stadium lot, and if you’re looking to be the most valuable player of the tailgate party, college football legends say it’s all about the food, friends, and fans.

3 Ways Families Can Save Time and Money on Household Goods
288 words

(StatePoint) For busy families, it may seem like there isn’t always enough time to comparison shop in order to find the best deals on groceries and the many items kids need to be successful in school. A few tips below will go a long way to helping you navigate store aisles for savvier shopping.

Is Your Supermarket Reducing Plastic Pollution?
410 words

(StatePoint) Plastic pollution is a crisis for communities, oceans and waterways, according to environmental experts, who point out that supermarkets -- as major contributors to the growing problem -- are in an important position to acknowledge and address the issue.

8 Great Ways to Combat Boredom
486 words

(StatePoint) While we all get bored from time to time, it’s important to know that chronic boredom may be bad for health, as experts have found it can be associated with depression, anxiety and even bad habits like smoking and overeating.

7 Sipping Gifts that Will Impress
563 words

(StatePoint) Whether celebrating a birthday, retirement, or other gift-giving occasion, for a surefire win, turn to gifts that one can sip -- those are the best kinds of gifts, after all, giving recipients a chance to kick their feet up and relax with a delicious beverage after a hard day -- something everyone deserves.

How You Can Eliminate Food Waste
550 words

(StatePoint) A large amount of food in the U.S. is never eaten. However, there are many easy ways families and communities can eliminate food waste in their daily lives, while also protecting the environment.

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