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Sofa Stains Top the List of Furniture Fails in New Survey
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(StatePoint) Perhaps you’re better off not taking that new sofa out of its plastic wrap. Sofas, couches and loveseats top the list of furniture most likely to be damaged, according to the latest survey on furniture damage from Allstate Protection Plans. What’s worse, more than half of furniture purchases were damaged in the first two years!

Safe Sharps Disposal: Keeping Students Healthy at School
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(StatePoint) Back to school can be overwhelming for students and families. With new classes, new friends and sometimes new schools, students have a lot to balance. Additionally, changing routine can be challenging for students managing health conditions, including allergies, diabetes and others that require using and safely disposing of needles, syringes, or epinephrine autoinjectors at school.

Back to School for Parents: Becoming a Financial Planner
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(StatePoint) With kids beginning a new school year, you may be wondering how to further your own education and career. Whether you’re already in financial services or thinking of changing careers, here’s what you need to know about earning CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification, the standard of excellence in financial planning:

Tips to Help Students Be Better Writers
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(StatePoint) No matter the career path students pursue, writing and communication skills are essential to success. Whether a student identifies as a math kid,” a sports kid,” or even a reading kid,” writing doesn’t always come naturally.

Know Your Risk for Blood Clots Before Taking Birth Control
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(StatePoint) In today’s evolving reproductive health landscape, informed decision making about contraception is crucial, particularly for women affected by inherited blood clotting conditions or thrombophilia. Selecting the right birth control method is pivotal, say experts, who point to research that shows the risk for potentially life-threatening blood clots is 35 times greater among women with genetic clotting disorders who use estrogen-based contraceptives.

U.S. Families Are Shopping In-Store This Back-to-School Season
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(StatePoint) This fall, U.S. families will do the bulk of their back-to-school shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, according to new research highlighting what’s important to shoppers this season, and offering insights into how to secure all the items on your checklist while beating the crowds.

How to Manage Competing Financial Priorities
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(StatePoint) Managing competing financial priorities can be emotionally and logistically complex, whether you’re juggling college tuition bills and mortgage payments, or you’re carving out opportunities for travel while planning for retirement.

Why a Healthier Mouth Equals a Healthier You
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(StatePoint) Better oral health is strongly linked to better overall health, helping you speak properly, eat healthfully, and prevent certain infections and disease. According to experts, it all starts with preserving your natural teeth.

Celebrating the Resilience of Military Children
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(StatePoint) Life in the U.S. Armed Forces can be challenging, especially for the youngest members of the nation’s military community: the 1.6 million children of service members. From constant change and uncertainty, to being uprooted every few years and finding their place in a new school with each new location, to their service member parent deploying suddenly for months – or even years – at a time, these realities of military life can take a toll.

Digital Decluttering Tips for Your Connected Life
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(StatePoint) Nowadays, organizing your digital possessions, such as beloved photos and videos, and backing up important data, like school and business records, is just as important as keeping your physical surroundings orderly.

Duct Tape and Dad: A Dynamic Duo for Everyday Repairs
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(StatePoint) From torn teddy bears and damaged tablets to leaky toilets and wobbly table legs, duct tape and dad will save the day. A new survey from Duck brand, maker of Duck Tape brand duct tape, revealed that 87% of fathers consider themselves the family’s handyman, ready to swoop in with duct tape as their favorite fix-all. In fact, 95% of dads keep a roll nearby, whether on their workbench or in their toolbox.

Why Men Should Talk About Their Health
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(StatePoint) American men may be neglecting their health and wellness, particularly when it comes to their urological health. But an open line of communication between men and their healthcare providers, and among family members, can lead to better care.

Taking Out Student Loans? How to Borrow Strategically
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(StatePoint) It's never too early to start working with a financial advisor. There are many stages in your life when you could benefit from the advice of a financial professional, including when you are young and taking out student loans, or in the process of paying them off.

Leaving Town? Here’s How to Prep Your Home
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(StatePoint) If you’re planning to travel this summer, you’re in good company. Eighty-two percent of adults in the United States – that’s more than 212 million people – are planning on doing the same, according to The Vacationer’s summer travel and trends survey. As you pack your bags, it’s also important to prepare your home for your absence. While catching some summer sun, you can help protect your home and possessions using these tools and strategies:

5 DIY Painter’s Tape Hacks to Elevate Backyard Spaces
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(StatePoint) Looking to beautify your backyard? Read on for five fresh ways to update your outdoor space with just a roll of painter’s tape, a can of paint and a little creativity – and uncover some innovative painter’s tape tricks to make these DIYs super simple.  

Almost Two-Thirds of Home Fires Are Due to Human Error. Here's How to Prepare
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(StatePoint) The threat of a home fire is greater than most people think. In fact, 40% of people believe they are more likely to win the lottery or get struck by lightning than experience a home fire, yet residential fires are the most common disaster people face in the United States, according to the American Red Cross. Here’s how to help prevent fires, and how to prepare for the worst:

Road Tripping This Summer? Keep These Tips in Mind
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(StatePoint) Whether you’re day tripping with family, taking a week-long vacation with pals, or doing a cross-country solo drive, summer road trips of all kinds can be long and exhausting. The good news? There are plenty of ways to improve the experience.

Getting Kids Engaged in Building Safety
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(StatePoint) The future of building safety offers exciting career opportunities for the next generation. The International Code Council encourages educators to involve kids in discussions about the industry from an early age, fostering open-mindedness and offering them a new perspective on the world around them.

Firearm Safety Begins at Home
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(StatePoint) Firearm violence has become the leading killer of children and young adults under 24, surpassing deaths from vehicle collisions since 2017. And while daily headlines emphasize news of mass shootings, most firearms-related deaths and injuries are preventable and occur in a familiar place -- at home.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas by Intended Major
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(StatePoint) It’s graduation season, and if you have a college-bound student in your life, you’re probably looking for great ways to honor all their achievements of the past four years while helping prepare them for future successes.

Build Your Own Window Feeder for Summer Bird Watching
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(StatePoint) There are very few things more relaxing than the amazing sight and sound of birds. A 2022 study even uncovered profound mental health benefits to birdwatching, including stress relief. But how do you go about bringing some of this outdoor zen to your kitchen or living room? The answer is simple: a DIY window bird feeder.

Moving Away From the All-White Kitchen
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(StatePoint) With the all-white kitchen design trend on the decline, you may be wondering how to make updates that appeal to today’s sensibilities. The key is infusing color and depth into your space. Here’s how:

Helping You Get The Most out of Your Prescription Drug Benefits
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(StatePoint) The health care system can feel uncoordinated and costly. One in 10 U.S. adults ration medication because they can’t afford their prescriptions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, the more a patient must pay at the counter, the more likely they are to abandon their treatment. Other Americans simply lack convenient access to primary care providers and pharmacies, and go undertreated as a result.

From Packing to Unpacking: A Guide to Key Moving Products
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(StatePoint) Whether you’re relocating across the street or across the country, packing can be an overwhelming task. However, with the right supplies, the process can be structured and smooth. This guide provides tips for getting organized and protecting your personal property from damage so that you can enjoy the excitement of settling into a new space.

Confused by Nutrition Labels? You’re Not Alone
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(StatePoint) Shopping for groceries can be like navigating a maze: so many choices in every aisle, food packages covered in marketing claims and little direction on what is truly healthy and what isn’t. People want to make healthy choices for themselves and their families, but how can they when the information available to them can be so overwhelming?

5 Essential Facts Families Should Know About Lung Cancer Staging
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(StatePoint) Close to 238,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year. That’s about one person every two and a half minutes. Fortunately, more Americans are surviving lung cancer thanks in part to early detection, groundbreaking research and new treatments. However, the path from diagnosis to treatment can be confusing. Advocates say that understanding lung cancer staging is essential to empowering patients and their families.

How to Give Back to the Military Community
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(StatePoint) When it comes to a vast operation like the USO, which has more than 250 locations around the globe that serve hundreds of thousands of U.S. service members and their families, volunteers are at the heart of the organization’s mission.

How to Create Flyers, Invitations, Videos and More with Generative AI
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(StatePoint) Whether it’s designing an e-invitation for a baby shower, trimming down your marketing video, or creating a social media post to share with friends and followers, you’re likely creating content for work and personal reasons on a regular basis. Now, thanks to an emerging technology called generative AI (or GenAI), — a type of artificial intelligence that can perform all kinds of jobs from simple text prompts — it’s easy for anyone to create professional-looking content.

Stemming the Effects of Early Childhood Homelessness
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(StatePoint) Between birth and age 3, a child’s brain makes 1 million neural connections per second. Tragically, an increasing number of infants and toddlers go through this crucial developmental period without a home – an experience with long-term consequences to their health, development and future.

Pediatricians Can Help Teens Quit Vaping and Using Tobacco
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(StatePoint) Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States and it almost always begins during adolescence. According to leading medical advocates, pediatricians have a role to play in getting kids to quit vaping electronic cigarettes and using other tobacco products.

What Families With College-Bound Students Need to Know This Spring
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(StatePoint) Perhaps even more nerve-wracking than waiting for your child’s college acceptance letters is learning whether they’ve been awarded financial aid. Recent changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) designed to simplify the process have led to unforeseen hiccups and technical glitches, causing academic institutions to delay sending out financial aid award letters. However, once you finally get the results, it can give your family a better idea of what to do next.

Help Keep Kids Safe From Lithium Coin Batteries
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(StatePoint) About 7,000 children in the United States visit emergency rooms for battery-related injuries each year, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. Lithium coin batteries, those small, disc-shaped batteries about the size of a nickel, are particularly dangerous. The exact right size to get lodged in a child’s throat if accidentally swallowed, they can turn deadly, burning a hole in an esophagus in as little as two hours. And, they’re everywhere – in key fobs, key finders, flameless candles, remote controls, thermometers and many common home devices.