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Taking Out Student Loans? How to Borrow Strategically
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(StatePoint) It's never too early to start working with a financial advisor. There are many stages in your life when you could benefit from the advice of a financial professional, including when you are young and taking out student loans, or in the process of paying them off.

Helping You Get The Most out of Your Prescription Drug Benefits
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(StatePoint) The health care system can feel uncoordinated and costly. One in 10 U.S. adults ration medication because they can’t afford their prescriptions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, the more a patient must pay at the counter, the more likely they are to abandon their treatment. Other Americans simply lack convenient access to primary care providers and pharmacies, and go undertreated as a result.

5 Financial Tips for New College Graduates
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(StatePoint) Graduating college? If you’re like many young adults, this is the first time you’ll be managing your finances independently. There’s more to it than ensuring you have enough money in the bank to pay for your next bill.

Taking Care of Teeth Brings Families Peace of Mind
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(StatePoint) Tooth decay is the most common preventable chronic disease among children in the United States. If left untreated, it can negatively affect a child's physical and social development, as well as their school performance. Toothaches and cavities can cause pain, infection, and ultimately affect overall wellness, including children’s behavioral health. Mental health and oral health can be intertwined; mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can lead to poor oral health, and dental health problems often exacerbate behavioral health issues.

What Families With College-Bound Students Need to Know This Spring
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(StatePoint) Perhaps even more nerve-wracking than waiting for your child’s college acceptance letters is learning whether they’ve been awarded financial aid. Recent changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) designed to simplify the process have led to unforeseen hiccups and technical glitches, causing academic institutions to delay sending out financial aid award letters. However, once you finally get the results, it can give your family a better idea of what to do next.

How to Avoid Hefty Smartphone Repair Costs
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(StatePoint) From listening to music to watching movies, connecting with family to counting steps, Americans say in a new study that they depend on their smartphones like never before. And they are putting their money where their mouth is. The amount of money they spent on screen repairs surged to $8.3 billion in 2023, nearly tripling the amount spent in 2018 ($3.4 billion).

Why You Should Avoid DIY Dental Trends
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(StatePoint) DIY activities, like swapping a lighting fixture or painting your living room, are popular ways to accomplish your to-do list. But as anyone who has tackled too big of a project knows, some jobs are best left to the professionals. That includes your dental health.