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How the Right Pair of Shoes Can Support Your Wellness, Hobbies and Goals
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(StatePoint) Looking to stay motivated and achieve your personal goals? New shoes might just be the answer. Not only can they update your wardrobe, helping you look and feel your best, but they can also support your physical and mental wellness, help you try out new hobbies, and even take small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Are You in a Weight Loss Plateau? 5 Reasons Why the Scale is Stuck
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(StatePoint) So, you took the leap and signed up for a weight loss program. But once you got started, it was a whole different story. While you may feel like youre doing everything to a T, the scale is stuck and you cant figure out why. Plateaus are a normal part of any weight loss journey, but there are many reasons for them. Check out these six reasons why the scale may be stuck: