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Why You Should Step Up Your Self-Care Game During the Holiday Season
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(StatePoint) While the holiday season is full of fun, festivities and meaningful time spent with family and friends, it’s often accompanied by work and school deadlines, tedious to-do lists and shopping stress. Here are a few reasons to step up your self-care routine during this busy period so you can usher in the new year, happily and healthily:

Footwear Fashion Essentials to Try This Fall
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(StatePoint) Elevated heights, neutral hues and eye-catching embellishments are making appearances in footwear, accessories and ready-to-wear items this fall. As a result, fashion lovers will have the freedom to update their wardrobe by selecting a few key pieces -- without feeling the need to overhaul their entire closets.

Styles on the Horizon for Your Home in 2023
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(StatePoint) With travel returning to normal, there’s a renewed interest in seeing the world but you don’t have to go far to bring the beautiful details of faraway destinations into your home’s spaces.

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