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Get the Best Hair of Your Life This Summer
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(StatePoint) Want beautiful, healthy tresses this summer? It’s important to understand how seasonal factors like sun and humidity can impact your hair, and to learn what you can do about it. Check out these three tips to enhance your routine, and get the best hair of your life this summer:

Survey Finds Renters Turn to DIY Décor to Give Their Spaces Style
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(StatePoint) While it’s normal to feel nervous about moving into your first apartment, it’s also an exciting time to create your own personal haven. Most rentals have lease limitations on what tenants can and can’t do when it comes to painting and decorating, but there are still ways to infuse your own unique aesthetic into a space.

Step Into Spring: Find the Perfect Shoe to Elevate Your Style
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(StatePoint) Spring is here (finally!), and it’s time to ditch those winter boots for something a little lighter on your feet. From sweat sessions to evenings on the town, here’s how to refresh your closet and get on top of this spring’s shoe trends to meet your style and functional needs.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Dental Trends
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(StatePoint) DIY activities, like swapping a lighting fixture or painting your living room, are popular ways to accomplish your to-do list. But as anyone who has tackled too big of a project knows, some jobs are best left to the professionals. That includes your dental health.