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Fun Easter Gifts Kids Will Love
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(StatePoint) While bunny- and egg-shaped candies are always crowd-pleasing favorites during Easter, you can make the holiday extra special for kids with some less sugary treats that can be enjoyed year-round. For a joy-filled celebration, get inspired with these fun and egg-cellent ideas for Easter baskets:

Why You Should Put Tamarind on the Menu in 2024
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(StatePoint) Tamarind, a spice native to Africa, India and the Middle East, has lent its acidic, tangy-sweet flavor to Latin, Caribbean and Mexican cuisines for centuries. Today, this plump, pod-like fruit is jet-setting across the world, feeding a global curiosity for what’s next in food, drink and flavor.

Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Life
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(StatePoint) Want to simplify your life, boost your productivity and work smarter? Incorporating some of the latest tech developments into your routine may be the answer. According to Authority Hacker, 77% of devices use some sort of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 50% of consumers are becoming more optimistic about using the technology.

5 Life-Improving Goals and Apps to Help You Accomplish Them
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(StatePoint) Setting a goal that will improve your life is simple, but holding yourself accountable and tracking progress can make it difficult to stick with your objectives. Make your new attempts at reaching your goals different by utilizing apps to stay on track.

Wellness Tips for a New You
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(StatePoint) If your to-do list is a mile long, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Let these three essential wellness tips set you up for success and give you the power, energy and determination you need to reach all your goals.

How to Support Early Readers at Home
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(StatePoint) Recent data indicate that over 60% of fourth graders in the United States are reading below grade level, with performance particularly low due to the lingering effects of the pandemic. The good news? Learning experts say that the trend is reversible. One key factor is to make sure that young children have a strong foundation in early language skills when they begin kindergarten. Here are a few tools and ideas for supporting the literacy journey at home and on-the-go:

Elevate Hosting: Kitchen Upgrades for Effortless Entertaining
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(StatePoint) Anyone who has prepared a multi-course meal knows just how difficult it can be to time everything properly, and to find storage and cooking space for each component of the meal. However, with the following kitchen update ideas, your preparations can be seamless and stress-free.