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Summer Home & Garden Special Supplement

Turn Household Headaches into Easy Fixes
533 words

(StatePoint) As temperatures rise, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. But you may find the colder months took a toll on your home, yard or gear. Are there some items that seem beyond repair?

A Crazy Buggy Summer: Tips for Dealing With Home Insect Invasions
507 words

(StatePoint) Spotting more bugs than usual around the house? While a pest problem can cause embarrassment and concern, this summer you can take comfort in the fact that not only are you not alone, there are new ways of dealing with insects that can help you manage the problem without harsh chemicals.

Get a Great Lawn in Less Time
546 words

(StatePoint) It’s no secret that your home’s exterior gets the spotlight during the summer. Once the weather warms up, neighborhoods fill with the sounds of yardwork. Expertly manicured grass and enviable curb appeal require maintenance and the right equipment.

Tips to Nail the Latest Home Design Trend
533 words

(StatePoint) Redecorating? Experts say to keep in mind that the days of matching metals used for lighting, cabinet hardware and plumbing are over. Today’s rule: mix it up! When done right, combining colors adds visual interest and depth to a space.

What to Know Before Any Home Project Involving Digging
509 words

(StatePoint) When you look down at the ground you may not realize the millions of miles of buried utility infrastructure that keeps society clothed, fed, powered, connected, and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, many of us are on an out-of-sight, out-of-mind basis with the pipes, wires, and cables situated right under our feet, and this can have disastrous consequences when we try to dig without doing our homework first.

Tips to Outsmart Bugs in Your Home
523 words

(StatePoint) If you have bugs in your home -- as many households do and the majority worry about -- there may be good reasons for this. Insects are resilient, strategic and way smarter than you may realize.

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