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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks
430 words

(StatePoint) With families spending more time at home, messes are on repeat and cleanups are often an hourly routine. At the same time, many households are looking to reduce their environmental impact affordably.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day
108 words

(SPM Wire) August 26 marks National Dog Day. Not only an annual celebration honoring dogs, it is also an awareness campaign meant to encourage the public to acknowledge the overwhelming number of dogs that need to be rescued. Here are a few ways to celebrate your family can celebrate the occasion:

4 Home Maintenance Tips to Keep the Outdoors Outside
547 words

(StatePoint) Even avid nature lovers will agree that not all aspects of the outdoors belong inside one’s home. While bugs, mud and allergens will sneak their way into interior spaces, the steps you take to manage these elements can keep your home more comfortable.

How You Can Help Protect Wild Birds in Your Yard
352 words

(StatePoint) You may not think about it often, but wild birds use your lawn as a rest stop and place to call home. As you spruce up your lawn and garden for the season, there are simple steps you can take to protect them and help them thrive.

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